Azerbaidjan: Foreigners be examined for HIV

Author: Amina Nazarli, Azernews

10 October 2014

Today, HIV is known even to the children. HIV infection is a slowly progressing viral disease of the immune system which leads to a weakening of the immune defense against tumors and infections.

No remedy is still found for the disease that appeared in the early 1980s. The only way to contain its spread is to teach people how to avoid contracting the deadly virus.

Azerbaijani government also deals with this dangerous disease.

That's why foreigners arriving in Azerbaijan for a temporary residence or employment will be examined for HIV, Azerbaijan's parliament said.

To this end, the parliament is planned to prepare a draft law on introducing amendments to the law "Struggle with a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus," the report said.

Under the draft law, foreigners wishing to obtain a permit for temporary or permanent residence, to work in Azerbaijan, as well as persons without Azerbaijani citizenship, should be examined for HIV.

In the mean time, Azerbaijani parliament is considering another draft law concerning foreigners.

It plans to cancel the validity period of multiple-entry visa, the period of which is currently issued for one year.

These changes will be made to the law "On State Duty", which the parliament is considering now.

Azerbaijan also plans to cancel double-entry visa, which the foreigners might get paying $100. Thus, those who want to get a visa could apply only for single or multiple entry visa.

The changes have not touched fee's state, where the state duty for registration of a single visa is $50, while for multiple is $350.

In addition, the government is expected to cancel the state duty for the extension of the power of attorney for a visa to foreigners coming to Azerbaijan in teams.