Categories of restriction

  • Countries without restrictions
    These countries do not have any laws, policies or known practices that deny travel or migration based solely on HIV status
  • Countries with entry bar
    These countries do not allow people with living with HIV/AIDS to enter the country. They may have “waivers” for special circumstances
  • Countries with short term restrictions
    These countries have restrictions for stays for less than 90 days. The restrictions include that the country require disclosure of HIV status for short term stays OR demand mandatory HIV testing for short term stays
  • Countries with long term restrictions
    These countries have restrictions for stays longer than 90 days. This includes Confirmed restrictions for people with HIV/AIDS staying for a longer period of time (i.e. residency permit, work permit applicants, students etc.) Disclosure of status is mandatory when applying for permits
  • Countries with unclear laws/practices; more information needed
    Information received from various sources is either contradictory, not conclusive, or it relates only to particular groups or regions in the country (example: mandatory HIV tests for returning nationals)
  • Countries without information
    Despite all efforts, we have no information about the situation in these particular countries. We would appreciate receiving user feedback
  • Countries deporting people with HIV
    These countries deport foreigners who are HIV-positive