Kyrgyzstan - Regulations on Entry, Stay and Residence for PLHIV

Restriction categories relative to Kyrgyzstan

  • Countries with restrictions for short term stays (<90 days)
  • Countries with restrictions for long term stays (>90 days)

Entry regulations Residence regulations Additional information
No restrictions for stays shorter than 30 days. Restrictions for stays beyond 30 days. Law apparently not actively enforced.

HIV-specific entry and residence regulations for Kyrgyzstan

Some HIV/AIDS entry restrictions exist for visitors to and foreign residents of the Kyrgyz Republic. The law states that visitors staying more than one month must present evidence that they are HIV negative. This restriction has not been actively enforced, but enforcement could begin without notice. Please verify the status of this requirement with the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic before you travel.

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HIV treatment information for Kyrgyzstan

The quality of the local health system is by no means in accordance with the Western standard. It is therefore difficult for people with AIDS to have access to adequate treatment and care. In the capital Bishkek, there is a centre, which deals with questions related to AIDS. Address:
  • Logvinenko Street no. 8,
The centre informed us that there are similar institutions in most areas in Kyrgyzstan, but it was impossible to get the addresses. If an illness related to AIDS occurs, it is advisable to contact the nearest hospital, which should be able to name the closest centre. 

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HIV information / HIV NGOs in Kyrgyzstan

no information available


Global Criminalisation of HIV Transmission Scan

The Global Criminalisation Scan is an initiative of GNP+. It aims to collect and keep up to date information on national and state level laws criminalising the transmission of or exposure to HIV. It also aims to provide an easily accessible ‘clearing-house’ of resources, research, and initiatives on the subject and to provide a platform for advocacy initiatives.

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